REALtalk – with Dominique Moerenhout (European Public Real Estate Association)


Dominique Moerenhout, Chief Executive Officer of the European Public Real Estate Association, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks from Brussels, Belgium to discuss the recovery experience from COVID-19 across Europe, the bottlenecks hindering the return to the office, the future of the office, and the evolution of retail.

Dominique joined EPRA as CEO in 2017, moving from BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management where he held the CEO position for Luxembourg and Belgium. After working in a private bank followed by five years as a management consultant on large financial sector projects for KPMG Consulting, he joined Fortis Real Estate in 2004, where he was COO for international investment and fund management activities in Luxembourg, Belgium and Spain until 2011, before moving with the company to the UK. He is a native French and Dutch speaker and fluent in English.

Their conversation covered:

  • COVID-19 recovery experiences across Europe
  • Which countries were hit hard and how countries are coming back from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Different national rules to combating COVID-19 across Europe
  • How Europe is not the United States of Europe
  • What re-opening is looking like for offices in the heart of Brussels
  • Two bottlenecks preventing people to return to the office: public transport and childcare
  • Balancing motivating the workforce to returning to the office and remote working
  • The evolution of the office in European cities as a result of COVID-19
  • The future of office: demand for office space and density of office space
  • The future of retail: its reinvention and its constraints