REALtalk – with Francine Moore (Homestead)


In this episode, we speak with Francine Moore, President, Homestead Land Holdings Limited. Francine shared her insights about the multi-family asset class’ response to COVID-19, challenges facing the sector today, strengths and areas of improvement, and a needed collaboration between the private and public sectors.


The podcast conversation covered:

  • Operating sucessfully as a family-owned business
  • Competing with larger REITs or funds
  • Culture of Homestead that makes it unique
  • Homestead’s response to COVID-19
  • Strengths of their tenant base and risks to the industry as a whole
  • Impact of various factors such as immigration and student housing, construction, low interest rates etc. on demand
  • Potential areas of improvement for this asset class
  • Reputational challenges facing the industry today
  • Cooperation between private and public sectors
  • Impact of government policy on the multifamily sector
  • How the government can address the need for adequate housing for all Canadians

About Homestead:

Founded in Kingston in 1954, Homestead Land Holdings Limited has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most respected landlords. Read more.