REALtalk – with Neal Bach (Energy Profiles Limited )


Neal Bach, President, Energy Profiles Limited (EPL), recently joined us on REALtalk to share his thoughts around state of best practice across ESG targets pre COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic on operations and buildings in all asset classes, and the future of water management.

The conversation covered:

  • Top of mind issues for sustainability professionals pre the onset of COVID-19
  • Trends in target setting for energy, carbon, waste
  • Water normalization methodology
  • What COVID-19 changed operationally in buildings
  • How COVID-19 impacted sustainability metrics
  • Air changes in a building
  • How to get people back into buildings safely

Neal started his career in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he worked for two years with a small firm that developed gas analyzers. After completing his Masters in 1998, Neal joined what became Toronto Hydro Energy Services, and a year later, founded Energy Profiles Limited.

Neal has been the driving force behind the growth of EPL since 2000. He has prepared detailed energy audits, done complex energy modeling, acted as a Project Evaluator doing Measurement and Verification for large utility company incentive programs, advised key clients on energy purchasing, and designed and supported the implementation of submetering systems. He is an acknowledged expert on the cost of electric cooling and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. He was instrumental in pioneering hosted energy and sustainability data management software systems more than 10 years ago – way ahead of the industry – and continues to drive development.