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The Future of Work & Real Estate – with Stéphan Déry

On this episode of REALtalk, Stéphan Déry, Assistant Deputy Minister, Real Property Services, Public Services and Procurement Canada, joins Michael Brooks, CEO of REALPAC, for a discussion on the future of work and real estate, talent retention and recruitment, and enhancing the workspace to facilitate collaboration.

REALtalk – with Wendy Waters (GWL Realty Advisors)

Wendy Waters, Vice President, Research Services & Strategy at GWL Realty Advisors, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks to discuss returning to the workplace, the near future, overcoming pinch points, and a post-COVID world.

REALtalk – with Dominique Moerenhout (European Public Real Estate Association)

Dominiqe Moerenhout, Chief Executive Officer of the European Public Real Estate Association, joins REALPAC CEO Michael Brooks from Brussels, Belgium to discuss the recovery experience from COVID-19 across Europe, the bottlenecks hindering the return to the office, the future of the office, and the evolution of retail.